We are logo 

and brand designers

Mostly focused on logo design, brand design,

product label design and mobile app design,

we help companies to grow with graphic

design elements in online and offline.

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Your image matters a lot at the first engage with the clients, that conveys exactly what kind of business you lead.

Who Are We?
What Do We Do?

The story began along with the passion for design and the love for dogs. Today, these two things form the concept: Ray the Frenchie. Ray is a playful and joyful french bulldog. He is an important member of our family and supports us in our work as graphic designers. While I am drawing, he is ripping the pencil out of my hand. When he thinks that I need a break, we go out for a walk to clear up my mind and while I am working on my computer, he patiently waits on the bottom of my feet and takes a good nap.


Ray the Frenchie is a branding agency that helps clients build their image or reshape it in harmony with their theme and trends.

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meet our team

Hajbok Daniel

Passionate about computers, I entered the world of design to make my contribution in the online environment and not only through graphic materials as high quality, simple and tasteful.

Marzac Anda Maria

Sociable, optimistic and a hard-worker. After a couple of years of studying graphic design and branding I finally decided it was time to change something and help companies increase their image with graphic design solutions.


A full-time dog at work. Ray, is a lazy little muncher that loves hiding and barking when he has lost his toys under the sofa.

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What People Say About Us

"Great work, completely quickly and to expectation. Happy to use Daniel again."
"Great work, very timely, great communication and I would gladly recommend Daniel. Thanks very much!"

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