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Visual identity

Logo Design

While company naming constitutes the verbal portion of a brand, the visual elements provide supporting context that strengthen the brand name and increase memorability. Our designers create compelling brand systems that support your brand messaging and positioning.

Our process

01. Collecting background info (RESEARCH)

02. Creating a mood board (INSPIRATION)

03. Creating from pen (SKETCH)

04. Turning from paper to digital (VECTORIZE)



Our mission is to share our collective decades of wisdom and experience with you.


We love what we do. Every day we work to grow our client’s businesses together to achieve goals. And we have fun doing it.


At this point in the process, we’re here to listen, gather information, and ask lots of questions.


With all the information gather in research step, we create an inspiration mood board with your values and competitors.


Once we have a clear vision, we get the pen and draw all relevant ideas.


After we have some great logo ideas, we convert them in digital format.

Logo projects

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