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__ Brand name creation



The best names speak to your audience and say something meaningful about your brand. With a strategic brand naming process, you can ensure that the moniker you choose resonates with your customers, and boosts your chances of building lucrative, long-term relationships.

Our process

01. Collecting background info (GATHER)

02. Finding your pivot point (ANALYZE)

03. Writing a creative brief (SPECIFY)

04. Creating the brand criteria (PRIORITIZE)

05. Brainstorming and developing brand identities (IDEATE)

06. Reviewing and refining (REFINE)

07. Selecting the winning name (SELECT)

08. Creating the corporate identity/logo (VIZUALIZE)

09. Finalizing and transferring all branding elements (FINALIZE)



Our mission is to share our collective decades of wisdom and experience with you.


We love what we do. Every day we work to grow our client’s businesses together to achieve goals. And we have fun doing it.


At this point in the process, we’re here to listen, gather information, and ask lots of questions.


We start by asking you to define your industry. Sounds obvious, but here’s what we mean: Apple is not really in the “computer” business but in the digital lifestyle business.


Now that you have identified your pivot point, your central theme, and mission, how do you hope to convey that message?


n order to stay on track, we work with you to prioritize which items in the brand strategy are most important and deserve the most consideration.


Once we know your business and your message, we brainstorm how best to convey that message. There are a number of branding strategies, each with its own pros and cons.

We work with you to determine which branding strategies best suit your needs, then we go to work to find those names. We search through hundreds (and often thousands), of potential brand names to find the ones that best reflect your pivot point, brand message, and meet your brand criteria (i.e. ease of spelling, pronunciation, available trademark, etc.)


Oftentimes, in the discussion of the brand names the team will have their “ah-ha!” moment


Typically it requires one to three “rounds” of names to uncover the perfect candidate.


Once we have the name, tagline, and domain name, we work with you to create a matching logo identity.


Once the logo is approved, we send you all the files! We’ll also specify the logo font type and the specific PMS colors for future reference. We then transfer over the domain name and provide all necessary information for immediate access.

How can we make your brand shine?