Our NFTs

A limited NFT private 

collection made for

Off-Road enthusiasts.

Off Road Collection

Combining two passions, adventure and design, was born the Off-Road Collection of NTFs.

That contain Off-Road Vehicles, with thermal or electric motors, used on land, water or even on snow, trailer used for their transport and the protection equipment necessary for this passion.

Because we care about your safety, when you buy any vehicle NFT from the collection, we are gonna reward you with the Helmet NFT.

Most of the NFT projects talk about “Utility”, “Token” or “Gaming”. These things seem serious, but often they are not. 

Us? We’d like to talk about adventure.

What is the most exciting part of adventure?

The adventure itself, making memories, bounding with friends, and for sure, having fun.

Being a digital agency, we are focused on the design.

These NFTs are art based. So, if you are passionate about art, adventure and technology, you can enroll in this project. What do you get? You’re gonna earn your unique NFT in Blockchain, that you can use in real life. How? By printing on shirts, stickers, paintings or others.



Would you like to make a suggestion?

Do you have any Off-Road Vehicle in mind that should be in the collection?

Or maybe, you want to create your unique own NFT

with this design style of your

ATV, Side-by-Side, Snowmobile, Jetsky, Bike, Motocross or Jeep.

Just contact us.