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rename or rebrand it.

__ Renaming and rebranding

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Renaming & Rebranding

Rebranding is a big step, and not something to be done lightly. But there are some specific circumstances in which a name change makes perfect sense

Reason to rename or rebrand

01. Change of ownership

02. New business direction

03. Alternation of services

04. Merges and acquisitions

05. Freshen up




Will a new name communicate growth, stability, opportunity, power and/or confidence? And how do you choose the right name to align with your new business direction? Name considerations must be memorable, and…

  • Communicate something new about what you do (or how you do it)

  • Appeal to your target customer.

  • Has a catchy sound

  • Works well online.

  • Is unique (and won’t be confused with someone else’s business).

  • Is approved by (most of) the people you test it with.


01.Redefine your target audience and market

At this point in the process, we conduct research to understand your target audience, what your competitors are doing, what is unique about your brand, and how it differs from other companies in the same industry.

02.Rethink your vision, mission, and values

Every company has three main elements that you need to evaluate: mission, vision, and values. We analyze each of them to understand what is going wrong.

03.Reconsider your company name

Of course, changing a company’s name is a serious step as it can cost you brand recognition and organic traffic. However, if you are seriously thinking about changing your brand’s name, let’s make sure that we have a plan of recovery after you rebrand.

04.Revise your brand slogan

Your aim here is to create a slogan that communicates your company mission, vision, and is also memorable. Consider changing it carefully as it highlights the purpose of your brand.

05.Re-establish your brand identity

There are several things you might consider changing about your company’s brand identity like your logo, shapes, imagery, colors, or guidelines. 

How can we make your brand to shine?

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